Krzysztof Pietrusik

SAF AQUA® Master Trainer, SAF AQUA® Baby Master Trainer, SAF AQUA Drums Vibes® Supervisor, doctor of physical culture and sport studies, International Aquatic Fitness Instructor certified through the Aquatic Exercise Association, international coach and presenter Aqua Fitness, Personal Trainer, Gymstick Nordic Walking Instructor, Gymstick Cardio and Gymstick Muscle Instructor, Aqua Gymstick Instructor, instructor of Halliwick Concept, head coach of swimming championship, lecturer of AWF [Academy of Physical Education] in Poznań, the author of the Studio of Physical Activity, co-founder of several schools involved in  Aqua Fitness classes, author of the first Polish book about Aqua Fitness and a manual  of swimming for infants, as well as many other publications in the field of physical activity in water. Member of The European Aquatic Association, The Aquatic Exercise Association, World Aquatic Babies & Children

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