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Thanks to the cooperation with AcquaPole ® s.a.s. Italy, just today we can take you to the amazing world of AcquaPole ®. This is a revolution on the aqua fitness market, introduced by Dr. Monica Spagnuolo in 2010 in Turin. Classes are conducted on special fixed poles, attached to the bottom of the pool. Activities AcquaPole ® Tone are definitely more than the classic pole dance in the water. It is the training of endurance and strength. Special choreography, perfectly selected positions, the use any kind of exercises engaging the muscles of the trunk, upper and lower limbs, such as sliding up, spins, inversions of the body allow the evolution of strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility, have a broad impact on the system, introduce variety into the activities and intensify the load. AcquaPole ® conquers all the world, thanks to us, you can try this activity in Poland.

AcquaPole® Boxing Bag and much more

The AcquaPole® Boxing Bag program was created in 2014, and were first presented in Florence during AquaFitness Days (Joanna Apolinarska's presentation). AcquaPole® Boxing Bag uses AcquaPole® poles and special bags for kickboxing, which, through setting up the goal motivate increased physical effort.

Now AcquaPole® is a real gym in water. One equipment, lots of opportunities. AcquaPole® T-Traction, AcquaPole® Elastic Pole. AcquaPole® is one of the most innovative equipment for training in water.

SAF AQUA® & AcquaPole®

SAF AQUA® is the only center in Poland authorized to conduct training and the distributor of AcquaPole® equipment.

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